Pacific Park Job Fair THIS SATURDAY!!!

Pacific Park job fair will be hiring for

Spring Break and Summer positions!

Perfect for students, 1st time job seekers or as a 2nd job! 


Visit our website and apply online today!
380 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Must be 16 or older with a valid work permit.
An Equal Opportunity Employer.

Who Should Win Our Valentine’s Day Contest? Help Us Decide For Your Chance To Win Too!

The submissions for this year’s contest celebrating Valentine’s Day and Pacific Park reaching 14,000 Likes on Facebook were AMAZING! Now we are in a pickle. What two submissions should win TWO UNLIMITED RIDE WRISTBANDS to Pacific Park? We are having a hard time deciding, so let us know who you think deserves to win and why! All comments will be entered to win TWO UNLIMITED RIDE WRISTBANDS and drawn at random! GOOD LUCK!



Megha Roy: It’s going to be throwback V-day this year for us! Can’t wait to inhale a root beer float with the world famous pier burger and some curly fries. Then on to the arcade to kick my husbands’ butt at air hockey…maybe even enter the tornado booth for fun pictures!! To end the evening, we will enjoy the romantic pacific wheel. BLISS!

Caroline Cisneros: I would kiss my hubby at the top of the Pacific Wheel. After all, February 14th will be our 10th wedding anniversary!!

Sylvia Luis: With the love of my life my baby Josh Bachrach wouldn’t want to be with anyone else but him

Byron Jung: Celebrating our engagement anniversary strolling the pier, eating funnel cake and enjoying the sunset just a walk away from where I proposed 13 years ago (She said yes!).

Great American Deals Santa Monica – Brentwood: Ferris wheel ride during an amazing Santa Monica bay sunset

Abigail Williams: Just enjoying the company of my hubby and the exciting atmosphere of Pacific Park!

Joanne Schofield: We would play game after game and try and win as much goodies as we can and then go on rides over and over!! Gotta make the most of an unlimited wristband

Sandra Quintana: We’d explore every part of the park. My son and I have never been and I’m extremely fortunate to have him for Valentine’s Day this year. We’ve been wanting to go but haven’t been able to. My lil Valentine would go crazy

Monicaandrudy: I would love to spend vday with my husband at pacific park. Not doing much just being with him there would be perfect. And it’s our 4 yr anniversary this month. But if we can get on the rides that would be awesome too. And maybe dinner on the pier. And I would love for him to win me a stuff animal!

Socalpavement: I would spend it with a ride on the Ferris Wheel with my husband and daughters then take a stroll on that beautiful beach!!

Gabbytm13: I would take my 2 kids and make it a family Valentine’s Day…what better way to celebrate the day is there?

Pattyb805: I love PacPark! We’ve been there before with our oldest son but since we didn’t do anything for our 4 year anniversary that just passed on January 30th, we would definitely go by ourselves this time! We have rode the rides at daytime but this time I would want to go to not rush and first eat when we get there, then walk around play different games see if we can win prizes! Last time my bf won two USC flags from winning the balloon pop race maybe this next time I can win something lol at night time I would like to ride the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel with him. I bet the view looks more awesome at night! I love the dragon ride too gives you a rush!! So we would definitely play and ride the games until we’ve had enough and call it a night!!

Gremilien: I was going to draw up this imaginary fantasy of a seemingly perfect day at Pac Park, but I realized it has already happened. I had just met her and we decided to spend the day in Santa Monica. We did a bit of shopping and then walked over towards the pier. We got to the end and sat on a bench and just chatted away an hour or two and caught a gorgeous sunset over the water. A homeless woman approached and told me that I was lucky to be in the company of a beautiful young lady and asked if I had any money to spare. Only having a debit card, I asked her if she was hungry and ended up getting her a chicken finger meal. As she departed, the two of us agreed that we should take a ride on the Ferris wheel, but it would have to be another time, because I needed to get back to base and head out for a deployment. When I return, I plan on reliving that day and getting that ride in before I go….

Pacific Park Valentine’s Day Contest & Pacific Wheel Lighting Display!


We at Pacific Park could not be more thankful to have reached 14,000 LIKES as of today! In honor of this happening the week of the 14th (Valentine’s Day)…it is time for a contest! Tell us how you would spend your Valentine’s Day at Pacific Park with your loved one! Our two favorite comments will receive Two Unlimited Ride Wristbands to Pacific Park! Contest starts now and ends Valentine’s Day! To enter, visit and leave your comment on our contest photo!

Did we mention our that on Valentine’s Day, we will also showcase the Pacific Wheel’s 160,000 LED, high-tech lighting capabilities with a custom display of Valentine’s Day colors and patterns to celebrate the romance-filled holiday. Couples will rise 130 feet above the Pacific Ocean to enjoy romantic views of the Santa Monica coastline, Catalina Island, Malibu and Palos Verdes Peninsula.

We hope you all have a LOVELY week!

Pacific Park Celebrates 2014 in STYLE!

New Year's Eve PP 2014Kick off the New Year with GREAT WEATHER, FANTASTIC TUNES and an overall AMAZING TIME at Pacific Park tonight from 9PM-12:30PM! With one of the warmest New Year’s Eve nights we have experienced in a long time, why not take advantage of it?! Bring the whole family down to Pacific Park on the World Famous Santa Monica Pier for a night of family fun and excitement. Relish in the good times you had in 2013 while making resolutions, goals and plans for 2014! We are so thankful that we have had such a wonderful year with all of you, and hope that you can come on down to celebrate with us.

DJ Kirk Enochs will be spinning your favorite holiday jams mixed in with some of your other favorite tunes from 9PM-12:30PM!

“DJ Kirk Enochs is excited to be back on the Santa Monica Pier for this year’s Pacific Park New Year’s Eve Celebration!  He has DJ’d this event for a number of years and each year seems to be bigger and better!  Last year the revelers on the pier swelled into the thousands as DJ Kirk did his Midnight Countdown.  Within a month of moving to Los Angeles in the spring of ’97, Kirk was hired as a DJ for one of the largest mobile entertainment companies is southern California.  Shortly thereafter, he began working as an MC for events and parties and quickly became the most popular and the most requested MC/DJ at the company.   In 2004 Kirk and DJ Craig Zuckerman, his buddy from College back in Missouri, decided to stop workin’ for the Man and form their own Mobile DJ company.  And with that, voila, E-Z Beatz Entertainment was born.   Kirk has also DJ’d at various Bars and Clubs all over Southern California.  He spent six years as the resident DJ at “Clear” in Studio City and has Jockeyed the Discs at “Blue” in Agoura Hills, “Xes,” “The Garden of Eden,”, “Star Shoes,” “Bardot,” & “The House of Blues” in Hollywood and “The Charleston” and “Penthouse” in Santa Monica.    He currently has a Residency at “Circle Bar” in Santa Monica.  Follow DJ Kirk Enochs on facebook at”




We are having a tough time trying to decide. What are your TWO favorite responses?


Dre N D Bond: For a healthy day with my daughter who has been diagnosed w a life threatening disease and how much we can learn from an 10 yr old who inspires us all.

Miranda Hatch: I am thankful for our freedom and country that my hubby and all Military that helps protect by serving in the Military. Remember those who are not with their families on Thanksgiving. Thankfully my hubby is with us this year!

Pamela Brennan: I am thankful I have been single for ten years and was able to buy my first house on my own!

Teresa Camarillo: I am thankful that for at least this Thanksgiving my family is still whole. As my daughter nearly lost her battle to cystic fibrosis back in September, she fought her way back to us. I just hope I’ll be thankful for the same thing next Thanksgiving.

Sy John Ochoa: I’m thankful for my family

Gabriela Ramirez: I am thankful for my family and our health, for my job, and for the great foundation my own parents gave me that now allows me to raise my own kids

Alicia Ellis: Thankful for my family, and the peace that God is restoring between us.

Carla Lara: I am thankful for having my family. My parents, children, siblings, and husband are alive and healthy.

Martinez Almart: I am thankful to God for the best job ever and many blessings. Thank you Pacific Park :)

Rita Hudson: I’m thankful for now. I’ve seen so many people I love pass away, so laughing and enjoying the moments in this world make life worth it. Peace

Caridad Rivas: I’m thankful for my 3 kids and husband. We have gone through hard times for a couple years and no matter how stressful our life got, we worked it through it together. They bring me so much happiness and positive energy. I can accomplish anything with their love.

Nina Ries: I’m thankful for my precious little girl, who we were able to conceive through IVF after so many years of trying – and who wouldn’t still be with us were it not for some astute doctors who were able to diagnose a life threatening heart condition and perform corrective surgery within a couple of days. For that reason, I’m also thankful for doctors, hospitals, and medical research.

Eden Folwell: It’s so easy to say I’m thankful for good friends, smart sweet kids, and my adoring rescue pet Chihuahua. I’m thankful for my marriage of almost 20 years. All of those things are true, but when it comes down to it… I’ve seen a lot of suffering lately in my own family and in the families around me that makes me overwhelmingly thankful for only one thing… Health. So that’s what I wish for everyone this holiday, because when you have your health the rest of it is just sprinkled on top.

Pamela Brennan: I am thankful for the kind people in my life. I am thankful for living as long as I have I pray for many many more years on this blessed earth!

Kerry Newsome: I am thankful most for my son, he was the greatest blessing beyond any of my wildest dreams. We struggle but our love of life and this beautiful city we call home make every day joyful and one we give thanks for.

Patsy Jimenez: I’m most thankful for my daughter health. God has blessed her with great doctor’s and she has survived to major surgeries.

Tess Zufolo: I am thankful for the support I’ve received after starting my own home business! :) I am thankful for my friends & fam who have worked to help me achieve my goals!! I am so blessed to have hope & trust, & would love to get the opportunity to bless the ones who bless me all year long!

Ashley Hernandez: A place to call home that I share with the person I❤ve Eddie Hernandez III

Mónica Aguilar: I am thankful for all my blessings, but most of all my 6 year old twins– born at 28 weeks and pulling through 2.5 months in the NICU…I am thankful for being able to experience and appreciate them now more than ever as a newly single mom.

Gloria Honey Pena: Most thankful for the turkeys and Christmas decorations that my kids make n bring home from able to publicly celebrate the holidays

Celeste Acosta: I’m thankful for the shelter LAFH that took me and my boys in when we were homeless and have giving us a roof, beds and food but mostly allowed us to stay together as a family

Christina Williams: I’m Thankful I live two hours away from Santa Monica…..any further, I’d have to move!!! #santamonica#pier#beach



Pacific Park GiftingThe countdown to the Holidays has begun, which means crowded malls, limited parking, and worst of all, the longest checkout lines you will ever see.  As you create your shopping list for all your loved ones, you close your eyes and imagine “the perfect gift.” And as most writers experience writer’s block, you are overwhelmed with the perfect gift block. Sally has always wanted a pony, but they are hard to wrap, put under a tree and where would you keep it. Timmy wants a BB Gun, but as we all know from “A Christmas Story,” he could shoot his eye out. You have eight nieces and nephews to shop for and you always fear buying the duplicate gift!

So why not take the stress out of Holiday shopping this year and defeat that perfect gift block by purchasing Inkie’s Annual Pass to Pacific Park, the gift that keeps on giving 365 days of the year! This pass includes: Unlimited ride wristband for personal use any day of the year, 20% off any food purchase throughout the year and 20% off any purchase on Merchandise! You could also purchase the individual Unlimited Ride Wristband and create the perfect Family Day Out for everyone to enjoy together!

So what are you waiting for? Hop online now, avoid the lines, the chaos and wrapping!

To purchase Inkie’s Annual Pass, visit:

To purchase the One Day Unlimited Ride Wristband, visit:


PALloween Carnival Returns This Thursday For A Frightfully Good Time!

Halloween is upon us once again…oh how the year has flown by! And Halloween in Santa Monica just WOULDN’T be complete without the Annual PALloween Carnival at Barker Hangar, the Westside’s premiere Halloween event for families on Halloween night! PALloween features fantasy-come-true surroundings, costume contests, trick-or treat lane, haunted house, tot area, and game booths. Join us this Thursday, October 31st, 2013 from 5:00pm-9:00pm for all of the festivities!



Our Community Starts Here

Santa Monica Police Activities League (PAL)Santa Monica PAL firmly believes that all youth are assets in our community. PAL’s programs and activities are used a vehicle to help youth develop skills that build self-esteem and encourage them to reach their full potential.

Santa Monica PAL is a public-private partnership operated by the City of Santa Monica. PAL is a 501(c)3 corporation with a non-profit Board of Directors. PAL is an after school program that provides educational, cultural, fitness and recreational programs for youth ages 6 – 17 years. PAL is a unique community organization that fosters trust between youth and the men and women of the Santa Monica Police Department.

Santa Monica Police Activities League (PAL)The PAL Youth Center has an abundance of enrichment and recreational classes such as homework assistance, computers, reading, college preparation, biking, culinary arts, creative dramatics, arts & crafts, dance, and basketball.

The PAL Fitness Gym also has an array of fitness classes including karate, boxing, weight training, dancing, and open gym workouts. Excursions and special events are also included in the myriad of PAL activities at both sites.

Staff for the PAL program come from the Community and Cultural Services and Santa Monica Police Departments. Coaches and instructors for programming come from community members who volunteer their time. The PAL Youth Center located at 1401 Olympic Blvd., is open Monday through Friday, 12 noon – 10:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 12 noon – 6:00 p.m. The PAL Fitness Gym is located at 2200 Virginia Ave., is open Monday through Friday, 12 noon-8:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.