And The Winner Is…

Last month, we held Inkie’s Images Contest 2012, a contest for the best photograph of Pacific Park. The submissions were incredible and varied in location, colors, depth and subject. The photo with the most comments and likes on our Facebook page determined the winner.  Contestants were neck and neck for quite some time, but in the end there could only be one champion…Theresa Solis Pollard, with her photo of me! Runner-up was Trina Heppner, with a photo from an engagement shoot she took at the Park. Theresa won a Family Four Pack of Unlimited Ride Wristbands to Pacific Park, and Trina won Two Unlimited Ride Wristbands.

For both of these contestants, Pacific Park holds a special place in their hearts. Read below to find out why, and to see their winning photos!!!

FIRST PLACE: Theresa Solis Pollard

Theresa Solis Pollard

Inkie's Images Contest 2012 Winner











“I was born and raised in the valley but the Pier/Pacific Park was always my favorite place to go when I was growing up…and it still is!

In fact, my husband and I were married on the pier in April 2010. We’re planning a special date there for our 2nd anniversary next month.

One of my favorite hobbies is taking pictures with my iPhone and Pacific Wheel is my favorite subject. It makes lots of appearances on my photo blog,”


RUNNER UP: Trina Heppner

Trina Heppner

Inkie's Images Contest 2012 Runner-Up












“I’m Trina Heppner, a 28 year old wife, mother and photographer.  God, my husband, and my children are my greatest priorities in my life.  I have a 5 year old daughter Scarlet Rose, a 4 year old son Philip and an 18 month old son Benjamin.  We are from Seattle WA, but moved to Los Angeles while my husband pursued a film degree at USC.  We lived there for three years and in July moved back to Seattle after my husband graduated.  As a photographer, I still have a lot of weddings and shoots booked in the LA area and am thus coming back to town all the time.  One of my favorite things to do when I’m in town in to go to Pacific Park.  If I’m on my own, I might just hang out at the beach.  Just sitting there watching the ocean is the most relaxing thing for me.  I’m able to relax and come up with some of my greatest ideas for my business.  If I have my husband or kids with me, we always go to Pacific Park.  My two oldest kids and I have decided never to go on the dragon again.  It scared the heck out of us.  If someone is looking for a thrill, we always recommend the dragon ride.  My 4 year old’s favorite ride is the school bus, and my daughter and I love the roller coaster.  No matter where we live Pacific Park will always have a place in our lives.

The photo that I submitted to the contest is from an engagement shoot I did on the Pier.  My business is PS Photography.  We offer high end wedding photography and videography services, as well as many other shoot types including engagement, family, pet, childrens, maternity and boudoir.  You can LIKE my page at  While in Los Angeles we were named in the top two for wedding photography and videography on the LA Hotlist out of over 500 other local photographers and videographers.  Shortly after we moved back to Seattle, we were named in the top 5 for photography and videography in the King 5 Evening Magazine’s Best of Western WA.  We are an award winning company because we have a passion for what we do.  We are artists who love what we do, and our clients can feel and see that.  Some photographers lose their passion and creativity and focus just on the business and money.  We love our business, but we’ll always put the art and fun first.

Photography is not just a job for me, it’s what I love to do. I not only love being artistic, but I love capturing moments that might otherwise have been forgotten. For me, photography is a passion.  It’s not just the click of a button. It’s not an automatic amazing image. Rather photography is the art of telling a story with images. It’s a skill of capturing moments and emotions. The end result are photos that make you laugh, cry and love. These are something you will love and cherish for a lifetime.

So in addition to loving my job owning a photography business, I love the ocean, Pacific Park and spending time with my family.”


Thank you both for your entries. You are great friends to me and to Pacific Park.

To view the other Inkie’s Images Contest 2012 submissions, CLICK HERE.



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