Learning at the Santa Monica Pier

Learning can be fun, especially when it involves the Santa Monica Pier! The award winning Santa Monica Pier Curriculum is a comprehensive, California state education standards based curriculum, created in 2009 in celebration of the Pier’s centennial, with a generous grant from the Sempra Energy Foundation.










The curriculum and companion, Youth Guide to the Santa Monica Pier, were designed to help children learn about the historic and cultural significance of the Pier and introduce educators and youth-workers to the many opportunities for learning at the Pier.

With lesson plans for all ages (K-12), you can learn mathematics with Ferris Wheel numbers and a Math Scavenger Hunt. Create a Habitat, Rollercoaster Calculations and Marine Debris are also just a few of the many lessons to explore in the science category.

There are also lessons in Language Arts, Visual and Performing Arts, Health and Physical Education as well as Careers and Technical Education.

Check out the online Pier Curriculum for a multitude of learning opportunities! Parents and teachers alike will love this resource.

This Octopus is getting his education as we speak!

Happy Learning,



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One thought on “Learning at the Santa Monica Pier

  1. I live maybe 4 miles from the Santa Monica Pier, it’s a great “fall back” when we find ourselves with no plans on a Saturday or Sunday. I do hope you went in and ejonyed the amusement park – my kids LOVE the dragon ride and roller coaster (and I like the churros and cotton candy, unfortunately).Hope you make it back up here soon! :)

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