Aquadoption at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

Our friends at The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium have a great Valentine’s Day gift idea; the gift of Aquadoption. That’s right, you can adopt an Octopus, which they say “are believed to be one of the smartest invertebrates, and have shown the ability to learn new skills by observing one another.” I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!

“How about giving the environmental gift of Aquadoption? Offering your loved one an octopus shares the idea that you want to offer eight times as many hugs. A moon jelly can represent that you are “over the moon” for your Valentine. Or a seahorse can depict your feelings of your Valentine being your knight in shining armor. Whether you foster an animal for yourself, a classroom, or a grandparent, Aquadoption at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is a special way to connect with an animal and gain a greater understanding of the amazing ocean habitat in our Bay. By participating in this program, you make a commitment to keeping the Santa Monica Bay and its animals healthy and safe.

By purchasing a gift adoption, you help raise awareness of the Aquarium, giving your friends and family a greater understanding of the ocean and creating new stewards of the marine environment.

The program has been revamped to add new animals and newly structured aquadoption levels and benefits. Some aquadoptions now include guided Aquarium tours, an opportunity to feed an adopted animal and behind-the-scenes tours.  All yearlong aquadoptions feature a personalized packet with an adoption certificate, photo, fact sheet and two free passes to the Aquarium.”

For more information about Aquadopting on of my relatives, or a variety of other aquarium animals, visit:

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